Saturday, September 10, 2011

All in a Saturday

waiting on the garbage man

fun with a self timer
still stuck
mister mantis was stuck in the window

sad little boy

lollypop time

mixing flour, yeast, and water in a beautiful pyrex bowl. 

pretzel time!
knead it

yum yum

going in the oven

golden and tasty

he gives them a thumbs up

official taste tester Simon

this is comfort food

lots of smiles

dirty babies need baths

Monday, September 5, 2011

Great Day

Summer has unofficially ended.  Labor day has come and gone and we are all happy, full, tired, and calm.  Today was the first day in a while we were all home so we took full advantage.  Although we got a late start on the day, we ended up in Luna Pier, Michigan, on Lake Erie.  Lake Erie isn't always known for it's prettiness, or beautiful sunsets like Lake Michigan,  rock-hounding like Lake Superior, desolated coastlines like Lake Huron...all which surround Michigan.  Erie is known mainly for, well, starting on fire.  The little town of Luna Pier, like many small Michigan towns, has seen better days.  Buildings are boarded up, for sale signs on every street.  But there is beauty in this kind of environment.  It's almost like, life after people.  I'm getting off subject.  The beach was just a little strip but we had it all to ourselves.  Simon was in heaven.  I haven't seen him so happy and so himself in months.  He, too, needs to be by water.  His soul was settled today.  He was a kid.  He had no worries.  He gets very high strung, very stressed out, for three.  We all felt calm.  Relaxed.  Better.  Next summer we will be in Portland...and the beach won't be so far.  And we can run and laugh and fly kites and just be, all of us, calmer people.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I've been neglecting my Etsy site this summer.  Too much going on with birthdays, visits from family, playing outside, watching Simon and Duncan sprout and grow and all their milestones.  My goal for the weekend is to update my Etsy site, and put up new pictures for sale.  I have a lot from the summer garden, sunflowers, alliums, etc.  Pretty things that I just love and hope others love too.  It's already September and it seems like just a week ago that we were bringing out our summer shorts and bathing suits.  All too soon we will have to bring out the cold weather gear.  Here's a sample of what I will be posting for sale.  I will update again when they're up!