Saturday, May 18, 2013

Slow it down

Life is just flying by.  One day, they're babies, completely dependent on you for everything.  You fall asleep for the night and they're enrolled in kindergarten.  How does this time lapse happen?  5 years feels like so long and just so not long enough.

Simon officially is enrolled in kindergarten for the fall.  I'm so excited for him to see beyond our small world and make friends and learn many things.  But I'm sad about him leaving me.  He says he will miss me.  I know he will but that will fade.  He will grow and blossom so much.  Such a smart kid.  He knows basic math and can read some books, write the alphabet.  He's just so good.  So very good.  I want school for him to be the best most positive experience.  I want him to keep reading and loving one day he can grow up to be like his momma and visit the 'library' which is just the stacks of books piled along the wall of the bedroom to find the next life to visit.  I want him to make friends and learn hard and love life.

Then I think about how excited I am to spend time with Duncan, just him and me.  That's a rare thing around here.  With the schedules Greg and I have, we rarely have time alone let alone time with just one kid.  I'm excited to know him just as him, not him with his brother.  He says he will be bored, but will torment me.

Life is fleeting.  Enjoy every single minute of it.  5 years is forever.  And 5 years is so not long enough.