Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parenting Missteps

Tonight as I was tucking Simon in to bed we were talking and he told me he really wants to go to New York City.  I told him about the city, about how it is very big, and there are a lot of really tall buildings and how most people take a taxi and don't drive, and they have a really big park.  His eyes got big, and asked me if there were lots of playgrounds there.  I said, sure.  There are lots.  And a zoo too.  His eyes got even bigger and he very excitedly asked me if Alex the lion was there, and how cool it would be to see Alex.

I had a moment to say, yeah, Alex is there.  Everyone from Madagascar is there.  It was there, on the tip of my tongue.

What I did say was, 'Alex is a cartoon honey.  He isn't real.  He is in a movie and he is just a cartoon.'

The big eyes and the excitement were gone.

Like I crushed some little imaginative excitement he had about cartoon characters being living breathing things.

And I feel awful.