Thursday, July 21, 2011


A quick blog, and then some more another time.  I work at a thrift shop that supports public school students in Ann Arbor.  I think I stay there for my sanity (break from the babies) and for all the goodies I can find.  People donate some really nice things.  Maybe my next post will be all about my obsession with Pyrex.  It's too late to get started on that tonight.  But on the subject of Pyrex, here are two new items I 'found' at work this week.

Old school sewing book.  Just what I need!  Now I can make my own patterns.  Learn new tricks.  Rock out with my.....sewing machine.

 I do love Pyrex.  Oh so much.  I've been looking for this circle pattern for a long time, and it was a steal at seventy five cents.  WHAT?!  Now you know why I stay at my job...well, and it's really nice to do something for others too.  I don't have benefits, other than my shopping discount.  I'll take it!  This is a website I love, all about Pyrex.

Aren't they a perfect pair? 

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