Friday, July 29, 2011

much to do, much to do

We've been busy at the house this week.  Bought some spackle, paint, brushes, and fabric.  Our bedroom went from a grotesque 'beige' to a lovely dark dark gray.  I love it.  The trim will be white, and I will be making some curtains with yellow, gray, and white.  It will be swank city.  We've been talking more about our move west next year and I can't wait.  I want to go now but I know we need to stay so Greg can finish school.  So I am patient because a year isn't that long, and it will be well worth the wait.  Finally going back where I feel the best!  My mom and niece Olivia will be coming out in August and I cannot wait.  I miss them so.  It will be lovely to see them, and show them around our fun city.  Simon has developed a fear of thunderstorms, and Duncan has taken over Simon's room.  Simon is camping in our room until D gets accustomed to his new digs, and bam.  Simon has a fear of thunderstorms...wakes up screaming, crying.  It's fantastic.  That's about all.  Our garden is growing and growing; the sunflowers are taller than the deck.  I can't wait to see their beautiful blooms.
the bedroom, wall color.

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