Saturday, July 23, 2011

pyrex is love

I finally got around to taking photos of my Pyrex collection.  I have a rather eclectic collection, not too concerned about matching sets, or whatever, just what looks nice to me at the time.  Some people have quite the collections but I'm not like that.  Yet.  My love for Pyrex started as a child; my mom had (and still has, and still uses) a set of princess bowls, with the red chicken pattern on it.  I always thought they were so cool.  The older I get the more the graphics on the stuff seems even more modern, in a funky vintage way.  You might think I have a problem.  I probably do.  They're pretty.  So I don't mind.


  1. I know they are just bowls, but that red chicken pyrex bowl will always remind me of Mom. Until my last breathe.
    You know, you're pretty good with that camera sister of mine.

  2. Me too Jamie. Me too. I think that's where the semi-obsession has come from. Since posting this I have gained three more pieces. lol.