Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Duncan!

 One year ago, I was in labor I had attributed all night to a cookout we had been to.  Greg called his aunts at about 7am to come watch Simon, and they called us about 9:30am to see if we wanted anything from McDonalds.  My water broke at 11am, and Duncan was born at 2:30 pm.  Easiest pregnancy, labor and delivery hands down.  We've had a lot of visits to nephrologist Dr. Blatt, and at first the outlook was grim...kidney transplant!!  Now, one year, several ultrasounds and scans and blood draws, not to mention other things later, we have a much brighter diagnosis.  A transplant is the last thing on our list now.  His one kidney is champing out and he is growing and thriving just amazingly well.  We love you Duncan.  Momma loves you more than you may ever know.  Happy Birthday peanut.

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