Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On The Front Burner

Feels like all my projects as of late have been about something else.  First it was a yard sale, then Duncan's Birthday celebration.  Now, there is a little lull, some down time, and I can maybe focus on my own projects that keep mounting but I keep ignoring for other things.  Time to look and see what I've 'saved'
Cool produce bags using old tee shirts.  Easy Beasy.

Signs have always intrigued me.  I think it's high time I went out and about, maybe tak a trip or 5 to Detroit, and find some cool signs, or who knows what.  I'm always open to more than I think!

a dress can't be that hard to stitch, right?

a bird themed photo idea i want to try out
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How cute for the boys' room.  Do a crayon for each of them.

another cute idea for the boys' room, for all their art projects

i have been thinking of this one for a while....different stuffed animals in meditation poses in different locations. 

I have a lot of fabric.  It isn't nearly as organized as this.  But a good idea, to stretch it like canvas and make it art.  I also just obtained a ton of really cool paper at my job (I LOVE the thrift shop!) that I was thinking of a similar idea with, but maybe framing.

these are made with cereal and other medium weight cardboard, and then fabric is sewn over.  Amazing!

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